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June 22, 2021


Seasoned WorkerBy Zave Smith

Pat Kilgannon writes and sends her coaching clients a series of postcards.  I love these short inspirations:


Change is happening ─ sometimes quickly and dramatically and sometimes slowly and subtly, but it’s always happening.  Understanding your responses and making good choices to manage the change might make the difference between your chance to capitalize on an opportunity or spend time resisting and miss your chance. The future is bright for those who understand, embrace, and leverage change. In a world of unprecedented change, how can you not just survive but thrive?


Collaboration gives birth to amazing things.  Although “collaboration” has become a bit of a corporate buzzword, that doesn’t mean that it’s an empty cliche. On the contrary, connection matters.  Collaboration brings people (and organizations) together, opens new communication, and builds trust. Something is always created because of our joint effort.  As Helen Keller has so elegantly said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”


In every situation, there are two competing factors in play.  There’s the outer game, what you see or do, and the inner game, what you are.  While the two are fully interrelated, the inner game always has a more profound and lasting impact on your success.  Unless you change what‘s on the inside, it will never be enough.

Most of us are only taught only how to play the outer game.  Our time and energy are devoted to worrying about the competition, digesting volumes of information, or reading yet another self-help book searching for that magic nugget.  The answer is not ‘out there.’

Your only competition is determined by the limits you set for yourself.  So, trying to solve your problems by looking outside yourself for solutions only puts a band-aid on the symptom rather than getting to the source.

Personal success involves changing on the inside first.  It includes looking at things from a different perspective, reflecting on who you are and taking responsibility for your actions and your life.  By going within you will begin to see yourself more clearly, change the way you interact with your world and create new possibilities!

If you are willing to see yourself clearly, you can begin to shift in ways you don’t even know are possible. Begin to see from new perspectives so you can start to live the life you want without constant struggle, stretching and goal setting.

Live a life that is rich in joy, meaning and purpose.

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