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Why xBound?

August 13, 2021


Zave Smith

July 13, 2021

Zave Smith

Hiring? Why Try xBound?

We know how difficult the hiring process can be.  You place an ad on Indeed or Upwork and you receive a plethora of applications from people whom you know are all going to require significant investment to onboard them into your company.

What if you could tap into a group of people who are ready to work, with experience, business wisdom and often, technical knowledge? What if this talent pool was by its very nature, flexible and willing to consider full time, part time or even project work?  What if this talent pool were late career applicants and no longer looking to jump from one company or position to the next, but were looking to accomplish one more great thing?

I invite you to try xBound.  We are an online employment platform dedicated to connecting businesses to late career, highly experienced talent who know how to get a job done.  Visit us at  Let us attract talented users to your business.  xBound is currently free to all users as we build our platform.

If you need help setting up your listings, please let me know.  At xBound, experience matters.

Zave Smith CEO


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