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Why Aren’t U.S. Companies Hiring Senior Adult Workers 55+? Organizations That Do Will Be Ahead Of The Competition For Workers.

January 13, 2022

Older Woman

Older women working in retail

by Art Koff, Aging Expert

Most “retirees” are being hired on a contingency (part-time, temporary, seasonal or project basis) and of course most of them benefits are not included. In some cases senior adult workers are hired on a trial to full-time basis for from 60 days to three months to see if they work out. This is usually not possible with younger workers.

Interesting Facts and Surveys About Senior Adult Workers 55+

In the United States, by 2050 the 65+ population will nearly double from 48 million to 88 million over the next three decades, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

By 2024, one in four U.S. workers will be 55 or older, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. This is more than double the rate in 1994 when 55+ workers accounted for just 12% of the workforce. Those employers who plan now for the future will have a substantial leg up on their competition.

Employers who end up hiring a number of retirees and senior adult workers will have the advantage of a reputation where a senior workforce has been accepted. They will be known as a place of choice in the coming hiring competition.

A 2016 survey of human resource professionals by the Society for Human Resource Management revealed a short-term mindset along with a lack of urgency among employers in assessing and planning for an aging workforce.

Just 35% of U.S. companies have analyzed the near-term impact of the departure of older workers and just 17% have considered the long-term impact over the next decade, according to the survey.

Employers who have been successful in starting programs have conducted surveys within their companies. They are able to get input from existing senior adult workers, retiring employees and younger supervisors and managers. Human resource executives have asked for suggestions from these groups in order to plan their strategies.

Art Koff, Aging Expert
Art Koff is an ‘Aging Expert’ who provides consulting services to companies marketing or advertising to the senior market. Koff is the founder of RetiredBrains and still runs the LinkedIn group and Facebook page of the same name. Art authored the eBook ‘Lifetime Planning Guide/Resources for Boomers & Seniors’. He also penned the paperback reference guide for older boomers, seniors and retires ‘Invent Your Retirement’. Mr. Koff is a presenter and speaker and was a columnist for MarketWatch on aging challenges and issues. Connect with Art on LinkedIn.



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