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5 Reasons Companies Should Hire Senior Adults 50+ To Fill Their Vacancies

February 28, 2022

Older Bakery Worker

by Michael Yublosky

Experience is the main reason employers should hire workers 50+ according to an article in U.S. News & World Report. Most senior adults are extremely competent, loyal and passionate about their work ethic. Hiring them may also boost an employer’s bottom line.

The article points out five reasons why companies and organizations should make it their priority to hire older workers 50+. These haven’t changed much since the article was first published. Now there are more jobs to be filled.

1. Companies can’t teach the wisdom gained through years of experience to younger workers. Senior workers bring a tremendous amount of experience to the job along with their skills.

If you’re worried about their familiarity with technology, don’t be. Many of them, including myself, are very familiar with technology. I can personally attest for others those skills can be taught.

2. Because of the accumulated experience senior adults often display more confidence than younger workers. This may due to their higher social awareness and finesse in dealing with others. The wisdom of age and having to deal with many adversities pays dividends.

3. Senior adult workers are more reliable. They show up, take less time off and don’t text all day long. They have a more mature outlook in making decisions. They also appreciate the value of good customer service, both in giving as well as receiving.

4. Loyalty is a valuable trait, especially for those who are grateful to be working again. Work is a life purpose to many senior adults and they tend to love to work more than younger employees and have higher job satisfaction. Often times they are not torn between family obligations and work.

5. Employing senior adults may potentially save your company money in the long run. It is true that health care costs may rise along with the cost of training in technology.

However, the article points out that “an experienced worker can hit the ground running and be effective immediately.” They can also mentor and teach younger workers as well as offer age-old advice. Another benefit they bring is enhanced decision-making and critical-thinking skills.

The author wisely writes: “Rather than reinventing the wheel, business would be well advised to bring on people with experience who can share what has been tried in the past and how it can be improved.” She concludes that hiring senior adults workers is a strategical “win-win for employers and employees alike.

Read the rest of the article: “5 Reasons Employers Should Hire More Workers Over Age 50.”

Michael Yublosky
Michael Yublosky is truly an xBound success story. Yublosky specializes in LinkedIn and internet marketing and works on a part-time basis to stay current and relevant. He helps senior adults and small businesses establish their unique brand, identify target markets and keywords, differentiate themselves and develop professional strategies and tactics to engage with prospective employers or clients. He also teaches senior adults how to enhance their technology and computer skills to better adapt to current demands. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn.


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