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How Do Companies and Organizations Benefit From Hiring Senior Adults 50+?

February 3, 2022

Senior Adult Workers At Conference Table

Senior Adult Workers At Conference Table

Last month Art Koff authored an article for xBound entitled “Why Aren’t U.S. Companies Hiring Senior Adult Workers 55+? Organizations That Do Will Be Ahead Of The Competition For Workers.”

Art is the founder of RetiredBrains which he sold some years ago. Koff told me he wrote most of the content and the home page still proudly proclaims that it offers ‘The Best Retirement Advice Planning’.

I keep snooping around the site for valuable tidbits of information to pass on to you, our readers and visitors. Art provided a list on an interior page. It details 12 reasons companies should consider hiring senior adults 50+ for temporary or part-time projects. In my opinion, some of those very same reasons are equally applicable to full-time workers as well.

I am going to summarize those 12 reasons here, embellish a bit (literary license) and perhaps supplement them based on what I’ve learned and more modern times.

Senior adult workers generally:

  • Are committed to higher quality standards
  • Have positive outlooks
  • Are more punctual
  • Have lower absenteeism rates
  • Need less training
  • Have better people and customer service skills
  • and are eager to learn new skills
  • May not need benefits such as health insurance, paid family leave, student loan repayments, etc.

Hiring senior adults 50+ for temporary, part-time or project-based positions mean other company benefits:

  • Lower unemployment insurance coverage costs
  • Positions can be eliminated more easily
  • Costs are charged to a different budget item during hiring freezes

Companies and organizations – are you listening (or reading)?

Better yet, are you paying attention to any of this?

You can benefit from hiring senior adults for full and part-time positions or project-based openings.

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