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How Do Senior Adults 50+ Broadcast Their Age In Job Search?

February 1, 2022

Workplace Celebration

by Michael Yublosky

Bob McIntosh posted a very insightful article recently on his blog ThingsCareerRelated.com. In it McIntosh also addresses the issue of ageism in the workplace as I have written about here several times.

Bob suggests that there are four areas where senior adult job seekers broadcast our age. We should listen to his advice and avoid the following pitfalls.

I’ll excerpt some of his major points.

On Your Resume

“You’re definitely broadcasting your age if you begin your Summary with, “More than 30 years of progressive project management in manufacturing.” Just do the math. That puts you at least around 55, or quite possibly higher.

“Another way you’re broadcasting your age is by listing every job you’ve had since the 80’s…

“The most obvious way to broadcast your age is by listing your graduation date from university or high school.”

On Your LinkedIn Profile

“Here’s the most obvious way to broadcast your age…you don’t have a LinkedIn profile. One poll suggests that nearly 40% of employers won’t consider a candidate if they’re not on LinkedIn.

“Here’s another red flag: you don’t have a photo. What is a recruiter to think when they don’t see a photo? The answer is that you’re trying to hide something…

“When people tell me they don’t have a photo because they look too old, I have two responses. First, it’s not your age that matters, it’s the quality of the photo. A little brushing up doesn’t hurt, and if you want to color your hair (guys), that’s an option.”

At Networking Events

“I’ve heard people broadcast their age by saying to me, “I’ve been out of work for six months, probably because of my age.” Or “Getting a job will be tough because I’m over 55.” Or “Would you hire someone my age?”…

“Your goal is to show value with whomever you speak…

“To show vitality, dress in more fashionable clothes…

“And please smile…”

During Interviews

“The first mistake an older job seeker can make is going into the interview thinking they’ll suffer discrimination. It’s written on their body language and evident by their attitude. Their EQ rapidly plummets, and the game is already lost.

“Instead of assuming the worse, you should dispel the myth that older workers are not physically up to the challenge by entering the room with a skip in your step. Not literally, of course, but you know what I mean. Show vitality immediately.

“Huge bonus if you talk about your recent accomplishments, e.g., ones you’ve achieved in the past five years…

“Remember that you have more job and life experience than your counterparts and can hit the ground running. Employers want people like you. Believe this.

Bob sums up his advice when he wrote:

“Succeeding in these four areas of the job search are essential to your success. Maintain the mentality that you are young in spirit, yet more experienced than younger workers. Remember that you have much more to offer in terms of your maturity and EQ.

“Sure there will be challenges, but you’ve faced many challenges and have successfully overcome them. This is yet another strength of older workers. Continue to focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.”

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

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