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5 Tactics For Senior Adults 50+ Searching For Part-Time Jobs

May 12, 2022

Man working on a computer

Man working on a computer

by Michael Yublosky

I recently wrote a series of articles about senior adults 50+ returning to work in record numbers, the skills they need to find work as well as some of the tools they need to learn in demand job skills. This may be a last resort for retirees wishing to maintain their standard of living in retirement with inflation nearing record levels along with the stock market eroding retirement funds.

An article late last month in NextAvenue offers some beneficial strategies and tactics to consider if this course of action is on your horizon. It was entitled “Jumpstart Your Search for a Part-Time Job in Retirement.” The author warns that a job should be meaningful at this stage of life and offers these five clues to find one.

1. Define why you need to work in retirement, how you want to work and when you want to work. Is your goal extra income or are you looking for meaning and purpose, stimulation or relief from boredom? The author advises you to define “your ‘must-haves’ ‘nice to haves’ and ‘deal breakers’ to help guide you in your decision making process.

2. Is flexibility important to you in a job? Do you enjoy remote work or project based work? If so, there are many options available to you for ‘gig’ work and flexible schedules.

Note: Our daughter regularly found work by applying at temporary staffing agencies. Several times these led to full time job offers or provided work during summer breaks.

3. Be prepared to explain any gaps in your employment history or supplement your skills. I’ve written about certification programs and educational resources to increase your skills to meet in demand requirements.

4. Address your online presence, especially updating or developing a fresh LinkedIn profile since many recruiters look there first in checking you out. LinkedIn has almost completely replaced yesterday’s resume. You can apply for many jobs by just submitting your LinkedIn profile.

5. Leverage your network, let them know you are looking for work. Reach out to past work associates and even prior employers if you are amiable to return their. Networking is still a great way to find employment. You don’t know who your connections know or what their needs are.

Another great place to start is right here at xBound. We connect senior adults 50+ with companies looking to hire experience, mature workers. Get started today.

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Michael Yublosky
Michael Yublosky is truly an xBound success story. Yublosky specializes in LinkedIn and internet marketing and works on a part-time basis to stay current and relevant. He helps senior adults and small businesses establish their unique brand, identify target markets and keywords, differentiate themselves and develop professional strategies and tactics to engage with prospective employers or clients. He also teaches senior adults how to enhance their technology and computer skills to better adapt to current demands. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn.
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