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Comments On Resume Tips For Older Adults Returning To Work

June 30, 2022


Earlier this week I wrote an article “Resume Tips For Older Adults Returning To The Workforce”. I also added it to my LinkedIn profile and published on our LinkedIn company page.

Veronica O, a first level connection of mine, commented on the LinkedIn article and wrote:

“Interesting article Michael, however, it does not explain the “why.” In short, companies just don’t want people over a certain age. I feel that it is quite an hypocrisy to be inclusive and at the same time discriminate over how old you are. I am who I am and so are many others. Can any companies clarify age discrimination in the workforce? LinkedIn, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. I really would love to hear from you on this subject.”

I replied:

“It’s a fact that ageism is buried deeply into our culture. Being older is the brunt of many ‘old timer’ jokes.

“I remember growing up and hearing ‘you can’t trust people over 30’. Then decades later it was being ‘over the hill’ or ‘teaching an old dog new tricks’.

“Look at ads, movies, TV, cable, products being hyped, etc. They’re mostly geared to younger generations.

“Is the ‘why’ really that important? Or is doing something about it, i.e. frankly discussing it, more important.

“What the author bluntly recommends is playing by the rules of the game. Get the interview to prove your worth. Don’t get screened out by artificial intelligence scanning programs.

“Play by a position of strength, or bluff it. That’s an adage taught to me when I first entered the direct sales arena.

“That’s partially why we do what we do. We bring together companies looking for (and appreciating) mature workers. And we help enhance the technology skills of senior adults through computer and internet training.”

Veronica responded:

“The why as well as discussing it are both important Michael. However, I know what you are saying. Yet, somehow I feel that the rules are the ones to change. I get mixed reactions from people in LI and I just want facts. I do appreciate all you do for older people who are trying to find a job.”

I replied:

“Veronica, I think the fact is #Ageism exists. It’s mainly hidden under the surface and unverifiable in the workplace. #olderworkers and other #olderadults don’t have a common lobbying group large enough to effectively champion them in this cause although they control a vast amount of wealth in this country.

“My wife and I tried to get local businesses and politicians (up to the state and federal levels) to take ownership of the plight of older adults at the early stages of COVID. We were unsuccessful.

“So we decided as individuals we can only try to do what we can to turn the trajectory in another direction.

“Baby steps.”

What are your thoughts?

Michael Yublosky

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