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Some Suggestions For Senior Adults Wishing To Return To Work

July 5, 2022

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by Michael Yublosky

A few days ago The Katy News ran an article entitled: “Where to Look for a Job After Retirement?” They note that some retirees go back to work because they need the additional income. Others seek fulfillment or purpose to offset the loneliness and boredom.

The author looks at some of the best low stress options he/she feels are available for senior adults seeking to rejoin the workforce after retirement.

They recommend first starting with your previous employer. Contact them to see what opportunities might be available. Set up your own parameters with regard to office or remote work, travel, parts of the job you enjoyed in the past, flexible hours, etc.

Other suggestions for senior adults include:

    • Become a consultant. You can sell your expertise and what you know about your industry. Provide guidance and advice as a coach or mentor to younger adults or children. Share your knowledge and wisdom with others. You may look at becoming a volunteer as well.
    • Coach a sports team. Help youngsters and get some exercise!
    • Become a pet walker or sitter if you have a fondness for animals. Volunteer positions are available at pet shelters.
    • Substitute teach or work as a teacher’s aide. You may not need a college degree to do so.
    • School are also in need of crossing guards, drivers and help in cafeterias.
    • Help with events in museums, theaters, concert halls, etc. You may even have the chance to enjoy the performance or get discounts or free admission.
    • Helping at business events is also an area to explore.
    • Freelance writing, working at a resort (if close by) or converting your home into a bed-and-breakfast rounded out the suggestions.

I read somewhere recently of a retiree who floats from job to job in low paying service type work. She does so to stay active and to earn a few dollars. If things get too stressful she merely quits knowing she can quickly find something else.

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Michael Yublosky
Michael Yublosky is truly an xBound success story. Yublosky specializes in LinkedIn and internet marketing and works on a part-time basis to stay current and relevant. He helps senior adults and small businesses establish their unique brand, identify target markets and keywords, differentiate themselves and develop professional strategies and tactics to engage with prospective employers or clients. He also teaches senior adults how to enhance their technology and computer skills to better adapt to current demands. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn.
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