Benefits of Hiring Experienced Employees 50+

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Companies Gain From Skills Senior Adult Workers 50+ Offer

August 26, 2022

Discussing Computer Results

by Michael Yublosky

At the beginning of this week Play Crazy Game published an interesting article entitled “Find out what skills companies look for in professionals over 50”. The competencies they listed were “commitment, emotional intelligence and experience.”

They asked companies and organizations to consider how those with vast experience could be a strategic asset for businesses. A diverse team can help consider multiple markets and possibilities for your goods and services.

Responses from upper management at several companies are quoted in the article. I highlight some of the responses cited.

Characteristics displayed by mature workers include persuasive techniques, confidence as well as assertive communications skills. This company’s representative focused on the effectiveness of senior adult workers 50+ in telephone sales aimed at the same demographic market.

Mentoring between generations through diversification and inclusion is a goal of a photography business. Factors listed were communications skills, understanding of company culture as well as a lower turnover rate with senior adult workers.

Emotional intelligence and delivering services as expected was mentioning by a wellness company as attributes of older workers.

PepsiCo’s Golden Years program to combat agesim results in 8.3% of its professional workforce being over 50 years of age. “According to the company, the turnover of this public is 49% lower; absenteeism, 27% lower; and engagement, 3% higher.” An abundance of soft skills and loads of experience contribute to the success of the program.

These have been recurring themes throughout the articles published herein. Hopefully your company can benefit from diversification and inclusion of senior adults 50+ in your workforce.

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