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Senior Adults Outside Of US Also Want To Continue Working

August 31, 2022

by Michael Yublosky

Older Worker

Older Worker

It seems that “Seniors long to keep working after retirement” in other parts of the world as well. VnExpress reported these findings in an article earlier this week from Vietnam.

A retired elementary school teacher continues to make contributions to society while working several low paying but satisfying part-time jobs. Her earnings are modest but afford her simple pleasures. She enjoys where she works and gets “to interact with people.”

Other retirees who are healthy enough, both physically and mentally, to work claim working gives them “a sense of optimism and activeness.” Avoiding the boredom of staying at home alone is another motivation to keep working past retirement age as is maintaining “a healthy and balanced lifestyle”.

One retiree commented that he feels more relaxed and comfortable working after being relieved of the “burden of my family expenses.” He plans on starting his own business after leaving the company where he is currently employed. He is also trying to encourage his wife to keep busy and open a coffee shop.

As in the U.S. some retirees continue working to earn money to remain independent.

Vietnam’s population of over 60 year olds is growing quickly. It is expected to account for about 17.5% of the entire population by the year 2030.

The country is also currently experiencing a period similar to the U.S. where the labor demand exceeds the available supply. The country needs to recognize the need for post-retirement employment. “Currently some 60% of people are continuing to work after retirement”.

There are both social and economic benefits associated with creating jobs for retire senior adults. However, the ageism mindset must be reversed to accomplish the goal of welcoming senior adults back into the workforce. Training in newer technology skills is also needed to meet current job requirements.

Sounds like Vietnam has a theme familiar to what we have been preaching for a while at xBound. There are many benefits on both sides of the equation to adding the wisdom and experience of older workers to the workforce.

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