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Senior Adults | Remote Jobs Over $40K | Degree Not Required

August 19, 2022

Skills Training For Senior Adults

Skills Training For Senior Adults 50+

by Michael Yublosky

Are you thinking of unretiring or going back to work after losing you job due to COVID?

The current labor shortage has forced some companies to take your skill and practical experience into consideration over your formal education. These attributes are very important to them in filling their remote job openings.

Just Wednesday Gabrielle Olya authored an article on GO Banking Rates listing ten jobs paying more than $40K per year. I actually did a quick calculation of the average salaries she mentions. It was closer to $50K.

These positions do not require a bachelor’s degree. She gleened the information from an online site and it spanned a wide number of industrial niches and positions. Some may be suitable for senior adults returning to the workforce after being laid off or wishing to unretire.

Olya serves up the job titles, average salaries, companies posting these openings as well as a brief job description.

Among the job titles are bookkeeper, telemarketer, property claims manager, interpreter, email marketing specialist, executive assistant, medical coding specialist, social media manager, customer support manager and fitness trainer.

Not bad for remote jobs not requiring a college education.

Can you fill these roles?

Read the entire article “You Don’t Need a 4-Year Degree To Land These 10 Remote Jobs”.

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