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Quiz: Do You Know How to Age-Proof Your Resume?

Answer seven questions to help you avoid exposing yourself to age bias when applying for a job. Including whether your email account service provider can somehow reveal how old you really are and what you can do to prevent it from happening!

Note: I must admit I got one wrong since I was trying to out-think the questions!


Job Seekers

Career counselors answered some of the most common questions asked by job seekers.

Note: I found answers to questions about remote work, ageism, marketing, networking and more.

Warning! There is a sentence on the pop-up on the page that reads: “Ask it here to receive guidance from a volunteer career counselor from the National Career Development Association…” with a link. I called the site and was told that there are no ‘volunteers,’ you must pay for the services of a career counselor.


AARP Resume Advisor

They offer a ‘Free Resume Review’ which offers feedback and recommendations. The evaluation is from TopResume®.

Warning! There is no free lunch. Be prepared for a sales pitch for improving your resume. At least the expectations and the rates are posted.


AARP Skills Builder for Work

Boost your in-demand marketable job skills to help you gain a competitive edge in today’s job market.

AARP offers one FREE course to choose from to get started. Select from subjects such as remote work skills, fundamentals of Microsoft Office or personal creativity.

Then you can get special discounts on more than 300 other high-demand field MindEdge Learning courses. Discounts are available for AARP members.

Courses are self-paced and you can earn completion certificates.


AARP Online Learning Series offers both scheduled and a half-dozen or so on-demand webinars covering “today’s technological hiring practices from online applications to online interviews.” These webinars help you to enhance your skills and ultimately help you to land a new position.

Topics covered include skills such as skills employers desire, enhancing your online presence, hiring bots criteria, mastering interviewing questions, the changing job market as well as remote work.


AARP recently posted 10 remote jobs don’t require previous experience – “10 Work-From-Home Jobs (No Experience Required!).”


These and other positions are available on the AARP jobs boards. You can even sign up for job alerts that will be emailed to you directly. 

Job seekers – complete your profile to get started here on xBound.

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