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Hiring Remote Workers for your Small Business

December 23, 2022

Embracing A “Phased” Approach To Retirement

September 30, 2021

It can hit you all at once. One day you’re knee-deep in work and deadlines, the next you’re given a pink slip or feted at your going ...

Prejudice Leads Us Nowhere

September 13, 2021

Ageism, or age discrimination especially against seniors, is a serious a problem! Why is this happening? As a 67-year-old ...

Forbes Says It: Can’t Find And Keep Talent? Time To Cast A Bigger Net

August 30, 2021

Across the U.S., companies claim that talent is hard to find, resulting in long-term vacancies. A new survey from The Conference ...

Why xBound?

August 13, 2021

Hiring? Why Try xBound? We know how difficult the hiring process can be. You place an ad on Indeed or Upwork and you receive a plethora of applications from people whom you know are all going to require significant investment to onboard them into your company. ...

Job searches for seniors are not for the meek – My difficult quest

August 5, 2021

Finding meaningful work after age 65 is turning out to be much more difficult than I ever imagined. It’s frustrating to still be unemployed while so many employers are desperate to fill jobs and there is such a shortage of qualified workers due to the economy roaring back after the darkest days of the pandemic. ...

xBound In The News

August 2, 2021

Photographer Zave Smith has been in the photo business in the City of Brotherly Love for over three decades, starting out working with products and food before evolving to shooting people and lifestyle in 2000. But now, the man who spent his career capturing snapshots in time has changed his tune and entered the start-up world of sorts—in fact, he’s braving into an all-new world altogether with his new company, xBound. ...

Working Over Time: Older Adults Seek Later-In-Life Job and Income Opportunities

July 20, 2021

We’ve known for a while now that there are 2 contradictory trends happening at once: Because of the pandemic, there has been a surge of early retirements– some voluntary and some not- while at the same time, more older adults than ever plan to work well past the usual retirement age, and some plan not to retire at all....

No Time To Retire: Older Workers In Today’s Marketplace

June 22, 2021

For a while now there’s been a growing awareness that reaching “retirement age” doesn’t necessarily mean we can or will actually “retire”. Even before COVID, many of us could not afford to retire when we reached our mid- 60s because we had insufficient savings to allow us to go on without more income...