Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about how to use xBound or what our mission is?  Your answer might be listed below.

  • What is xBound?

    xBound is a job recruitment platform that connects late-career and/or the recently retired to a new job or volunteer opportunities.

  • Do you have to be over fifty to use xBound?

    xBound’s mission is to serve challenged communities. However, we are not the age police and do not ask or verify the ages of our users.

  • Will an opportunity posted on xBound go to an mature worker?

    A company that posts an opportunity on xBound only means that they are open to or searching for experienced people. Posting on xBound does not guarantee that the posted opportunity will only be filled by a candidate that was found on xBound or a person over fifty years old.

  • Will using xBound guarantee a me a job?

    xBound is a referral and recruitment site. We do not guarantee that a job posted on xBound will be filled by a user of xBound or even filled at all.

  • Are there any fees for using xBound?

    Currently, xBound is a free platform with no fees for posting or applying for work opportunities.

  • How do I post a job on xBound?

    Just follow the simple steps found here:

  • How does xBound benefit my company?

    Late career and recently retired bring experience, technical knowledge, work maturity and wisdom to the job. They often are very flexible in their need for both hours and pay range.

  • How does xBound benefit my non-profit?

    One of xBound’s primary missions to help connect people who want to give back to organizations that need their help.

  • Does xBound vet job candidates?

    xBound does not vet or guarantee the knowledge and/or skill set of applicants using our platform

  • How long will be job posting be visible on xBound?

    One month

  • How do I write a resume?

    There are many good resume writing templates available on the web. Here are a few links:

  • How do I apply for a position on xBound?

    To apply for a position on xBound just follow the instructions describe in the posting you are interested in.