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More Tactics For Senior Adults To Combat Job Search Ageism

August 9, 2022

Here are more tactics for older workers to consider in their journey to return to work. Maintain your confidence and persistence throughout. Practice answering interview questions. Network with colleagues and ensure your resume is updated. ...

Combating Ageism in Job Search for Senior Adults Unretiring

July 26, 2022

Laws in our country protect against flagrant and obvious ageism in job search or promotions. The truth is that there are still obstacles for senior adults change jobs or returning to the workforce after retiring....

Can Companies Use A New Plan To Keep And Add Senior Adults Workers 50+?

March 17, 2022

Nearly 40% of those senior adults 50+ who retired would return to the workplace with proper incentives. Unretiring or semiretirement inducements that appeal to older workers include reduced hours, flexible scheduling, consulting gigs, etc. But some 80% of companies don't offer such alternative forms of work. ...

Does Returning To Work After 50+ Compare With Staying On The Job Almost 70 Years?

January 28, 2022

Our age often works against us when looking for employment as a senior adult 50+ regardless of maturity and experience. Is this ageism partially because of the forced retirements and the labor shortage brought on by COVID? Or do its roots run deeper than that? ...

Prejudice Leads Us Nowhere

September 13, 2021

Ageism, or age discrimination especially against seniors, is a serious a problem! Why is this happening? As a 67-year-old ...